Registered Immigration Agent for Australia

The message is very simple – only use a registered immigration agent to provide you with immigration assistance. Only registered migration agents can legally give immigration assistance in Australia. To do this, they must be listed on the Register of Migration Agents, held by the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

Search the Register of Migration Agents here.

  • Be careful of unlawful operators pretending to be registered migration agents. Always check the Migration Agents Registration Authority website to make sure you are using a registered migration agent.
  • Note that agents outside of Australia may have a DIBP number, but this does not mean they are registered. This code is issued for admin purposes only and is not an endorsement of the agent.

It is important to note that the Office of the MARA has jurisdiction to consider complaints about registered migration agents only. If you encounter an unlawful operator providing immigration assistance, report them to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s dob-in service.

Our registered immigration agent for Australia

Noe that it is individuals, not companies,that are registered. An individual may however be tied to a company. In our case. our registered immigration agent is Katrin Maja Maehl. You can find here on the MARA website here and below is her certificate.

Katrin Maja is also a licensed immigration advisor for New Zealand and as such we provide immigration services to both Australia and New Zealand.

Registered Immigration Agent for Australia

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