Expression of Interest for Australian Immigration

Australia operates different application processes depending on the class of visa you are applying for. One of these is known as an Expression of Interest.

About Expression of Interest for Australian Immigration

Note that an Expression of Interest should not be submitted until you have completed an assessment, otherwise you Expression of Interest for Australian Immigrationmay well be undertaking an expensive exercise that ends in a failed application.

What is an Expression of Interest?

An Expression of Interest, commonly abbreviated to an EOI, is the way you are able to show your interest in applying for a skilled visa to migrate to Australia.

How an Expression of Interest is submitted

It is an online process via what it known as SkillSelect.

What an Expression of Interest contains

The Expression of Interest is basically a series of questions which ask you about your skills, which is used to calculate  your ability to meet the points test for certain visas. It is also accessed by employers as well as state and territory government agencies where you have specified your interest in a sponsored skilled visa for a particular area. Information submitted will include:

  • Personal information such as given names and surname, date of birth, countries of citizenship and/or residence.
  • The nominated occupation.
  • Your work experience and employment history.
  • Your qualifications.
  • English language proficiency.
  • Any information pertaining to a State or Territory nomination (preparedness to live and work in regional Australia).

Do you need to submit supporting documentation?

No supporting documents needs to be submitted. In layman’s terms, the information provided is taken as face value. Due to this we again stress the need to carry out a  comprehensive assessment.

What happens after the Expression of Interest is submitted?

Once the Expression of Interest has been submitted, it can still be accessed to update:

  • Information and details, if circumstances have changed; and/or
  • Suspend the Expression of Interest.

What can the outcome of the Expression of Interest be?

If successful, the Expression of Interest can result in either receiving an invitation to apply for a visa, or an Australian employer contacting you to discuss employment and sponsorship opportunities.

For Independent and Skilled Regional (Provisional) visas, invitations are issued automatically by the SkillSelect system to the highest ranking EOIs. Invitations are normally every month and are subject to occupation ceilings.

State and territory sponsored visas, will see the state or territory identify and select the skilled workers that they wish to nominate (please note the state or territory may well contact applicants before nominating them).

In the event that you are selected, and you have submitted a points score in excess of the required pass mark, you will receive an invitation to apply from the SkillSelect system.

What if I am not invited to apply for a visa?

The Expression of Interest will stay in the SkillSelect for a maximum of two years. It is however a fact that more people wish to immigrate to Australia then there are places for. This does mean that a number of expressions of interest do not result in an invitation to apply.

What happens if I am invited to apply?

The invitation to apply will come from SkillSelect. Upon receipt, you will have 60 days to make your visa application.

It is at this stage that you will provide all the evidence to support the information given on your expression of interest.

Who can help you with your expression of interest?

The Australian Government’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection is very clear about who may provide you with assistance. They state on their website:

‘Under the Migration Act 1958, it is against the law for an individual in Australia, who is not a registered migration agent with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority, to provide immigration assistance.

Using unregistered migration agents could leave you at risk of being given incorrect or misleading advice. Also, as you will not have the benefit of consumer protection, an unregistered agent might take your money without providing an adequate service or even any service at all.’

In short, use a registered migration agent. You can view more details here on how to identify registered agents, the benefits of doing so and how to avoid ‘scams’.

You can also access Intergate Emigration’s registered migration agent’s details here on the official Migration Agents Registration Authority website.

Simply put –  if the company and individual are not on this site do not use their services.

Getting the process started

At Intergate Emigration, as licensed immigration agents, we always take a step-by-step approach towards any Expression of Interest for Australian Immigration. We start, at the start, with a thorough and comprehensive assessment.

This approach means you do not falsely invest your money or aspirations into something that may not even be an option for you.

You can order your assessment here or should you wish to get more details on Intergate and our process, feel free to call us on + 27 (0) 21 202 2800 or e-mail us here.

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