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Skilled Workers

The points based skilled worker permits do not require you have to a job offer or sponsor, although both of these are areas that contribute to your points total.


Family permits are available for spouses, life partners, fiancées as well as parents and children.


Migrate to Australia in an appropriate business or designated investments. Also ideal for retirees.


From temporary travel through to ownership or part ownership of a business in Australia.


For those applicants who have already got a job offer in Australia whether it is for a temporary period of time or a permanent nature.

Visa Options

Discover all the different visa options available for travel, temporary immigration or a permanent move to Australia.

  Family Member Visas  
Child Visa for Australia
Fiancée - Prospective Marriage Visa
Partner Visa for Australia
Parent Migrant Visa
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Family Member Visas

Australia offers different family visa options for family members, or prospective family of Australian Citizens, permanent residents or qualifying New Zealand Citizens.

How do you ascertain which may be the right family member visa application route for you?

Our team of immigration experts would be delighted to assist you through the labyrinth of options and can be contacted by either e-mailing your enquiry, requesting a call back or completing our free eligibility assessment. Alternatively feel free to ring us on any of the above numbers.

If you would like to read more about the main options in the first step is to decide what category your via application would fall under:

Partner and De facto Visa

More details for applicants who are married or in de facto relationships with Australian Citizen, Permanent Residents or qualifying New Zealand Citizens. This visa also includes applications for same sex relationships.

Prospective Marriage Visa-enquiry

More details for applicants who are intending to get married to an Australian Citizen, Permanent Residents or qualifying New Zealand Citizens within a 9 month time frame.

Parent Migration Visa-enquiry

Information for applicants whose sponsors would be their children who are Australian Citizens, Permanent Residents or qualifying New Zealand Citizens.

Child Visa

For applicants who are Australian Citizens, Permanent Residents or qualifying New Zealand Citizens and wish to sponsor their child / children for a visa.

About Intergate Immigration

Assisting thousands of families and companies a year, Intergate prides itself on hassle free, comprehensive and service driven solutions. Our innovative and efficient services have seen us grown prolifically over the last few years, but out attention to detail has remained as focused as ever.

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