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Skilled Workers

The points based skilled worker permits do not require you have to a job offer or sponsor, although both of these are areas that contribute to your points total.


Family permits are available for spouses, life partners, fiancées as well as parents and children.


Migrate to Australia in an appropriate business or designated investments. Also ideal for retirees.


From temporary travel through to ownership or part ownership of a business in Australia.


For those applicants who have already got a job offer in Australia whether it is for a temporary period of time or a permanent nature.

Visa Options

Discover all the different visa options available for travel, temporary immigration or a permanent move to Australia.

Employer Sponsored Skilled Visas Family Visas Working Holiday Business Visas Investor Visas Visa Options
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Australian Immigration Assessment

Australia's Immigration categories

The rules and regulations around Australia Immigration are controlled by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Broadly speaking the Australian Immigration options for visas and permits can be classified as:

How the Australia Immigration Assessment process works

Our Australian Immigration Assessment is carried out by our partners IMMagine Immigration Australia, fully registered MARA immigration consultants.

Drawing on in excess of 20 years experience in the immigration industry, you can expect a thorough, detailed and well researched immigration assessment.

We appreciate that you probably have many questions relating to your possible immigration to Australia but our advice is to first to measure your eligibility across the full range of permits and options and ascertain whether Australian Immigration is even an option for you.

Many people express a desire to come and live in Australia but few meet the Government's strict entry criteria. It is dangerous for us to speculate on a person's eligibility without having a detailed look into their background given there is so much at stake if you decide you really want to emigrate.

Many thousands of people try and fail in emigrating to Australia every year and we don't want you to be one of them. The assessment of eligibility process is usually far more complex than most people at first realise.

Importantly our process is crystal clear – we don't offer free gimmicks or leave our advice to chance or differing permutations. We realise that in making this move the emotional and financial repercussions it has on your family and our commitment to you is to ensure your decision making process and immigration options are based on sound facts.

The first step

The first step in your process towards Australian Immigration is to complete our free online Australia immigration Assessment. This will give us a strong indication of your potential eligibility and in some cases be sufficient for us confirm that you do indeed qualify for immigration to Australia.

Very often and due to there being in excess of 170 Australian visas and permit options we will need to carry out a more thorough and comprehensive Australia Immigration Assessment. If this is the case then a fee of 190 Australian dollars will be payable.

In return for this fee, your situation will be assessed by one of the two Directors of IMMagine Immigration Australia. You will not be dealing with people who are just starting out in the business. We will give you fully of our time and the benefit of our knowledge so that you can with confidence make a decision on whether to proceed with your plans to emigrate to Australia or not.

The report runs to several pages and will offer you an in depth analysis of your options. We will then invite further questions until you are at the point of being fully satisfied that residence is or is not an option.

Our commitment is to leave "no stone unturned" in your Australia Immigration assessment and for that reason they can take several days to complete and it may well involve exchanges between us as we seek more information we can use to help you meet the entry criteria

Our services run to:
  1. An initial assessment and identification of the most appropriate strategy that will achieve the goal of a successful Australia Immigration
  2. Preparation, lodging and processing of the various visa applications that are likely required;
  3. Pre and post arrival settlement support and information e.g. opening bank accounts, sorting out tax numbers, access to our rental accommodation, local business and educational networks, money exchange and so on.

If you are eligible and decide to proceed with your Australian Immigration

Your comprehensive Australian Immigration report does not obligate you to use our services for any subsequent visa or permit application. In fact you are free to take this information and use it as you see fit. So why do we provide this information and such a low price?

Immigration to Australia will involve a substantial outlay for you with fees, flights, accommodation and relocation costs to name just a few of the bills you may face. Our Australian Immigration Assessment helps you avoid costly mistakes and gives us the chance to prove the value we will add to your immigration process and importantly you the chance to evaluate the benefits we add and ensure you are comfortable with how we work.

We do not quote fees as a one price fits all – obviously each immigration application differs in terms of the complexity and the work required. Put another way we do not subsidize more complex cases by overcharging on simpler ones.

If you should decide to instruct us with your application we provide a full and inclusive quotation once we know who and what we are dealing with. There are no standard fees. In keeping with our ethos of clarity, value for money and no nasty surprises our quotation is based on the complexities that we face with your case, where it will be filed, whether additional temporary visas and permits are required and so on.

The most important part of any journey is in the planning, your Australia Immigration is no different and the assessment is the first step along that road.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goal of a successful Australia Immigration.

Access our free, non obligatory initial assessment here.